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The Church of England – Top ten facts

    • The Church of England performs about 1,000 marriages a week.
    • It conducts about  2,700 baptisms (or christenings) a week.
    • More than 1 million people a week attend a Church of England service - about the same number as 10 years ago.
    • About 2.5 million people attend church services at Christmas.
    • About 1.4 people attend church services at Easter.
    • 25% of all primary schools and 1 in 16 secondary schools are Church of England, many in deprived areas.
    • Church of England schools educate almost 1 million students.
    • Churchgoers contribute 23.2 million hours each month outside their local church to voluntary work in their local community.
    • Congregations give £49 million a year to other charities.
    • The Church provides activities outside church worship in the local community for 470,000 children and young people (aged under 16 years).

Information from: Chelmsford Diocese